The UCI Network Data Repository is an effort to facilitate the scientific study of networks. Feel free to browse and download the currently available datasets. For more information about networks and the terms used to describe the datasets, click Getting Started.

Getting Started

This site is meant as a tool for browsing the publicly available datasets that involve networks.

How to use this site

On the Browse page, clicking on a particular Tag will filter your results accordingly. You can remove this filter by clicking "(Undo)". You can have several filters as well, e.g clicking Social Science, directed, and dynamic networks would only show those datasets that have all those three traits. To remove any one filter, simply click the corresponding "(Undo)" link.

The study of networks

Network theory has many applications in a variety of sciences.

Network terms

If you are unclear regarding some of the ways we describe each dataset, check out Wikipedia's page on graphs.

Download formats

There are several formats for describing networks, and all have their own benefits. Below we provide references for those formats you may encounter when downloading datasets.


Licenses and Open Data

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