The UCI Network Data Repository is an effort to facilitate the scientific study of networks. Feel free to browse and download the currently available datasets. For more information about networks and the terms used to describe the datasets, click Getting Started.

About the Project

This is an effort on the part of UCI Datalab to promote the study of networks, whether it be for the study of social networks, web science or systems biology. It is an attempt at Open Access in support of Open Science and, specifically, Open Data. Hopefully it will Open the Doors for more research...

Donating a Dataset

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This project, along with the UCI Machine Learning Repository, is an NSF-funded project.

Citation Policy

The data sets in this repository are donated by a number of different authors and organizations. For those who plan to use any of the data sets, note that in many cases we have detailed the following at the author's request: If you publish material based on databases obtained from this repository, then, in your acknowledgements, please note the assistance you received by using this repository. This will help others to obtain the same data sets and replicate your experiments. We suggest the following pseudo-APA reference format for referring to this repository:
DuBois, Christopher L. & Smyth, P. (2008). UCI Network Data Repository []. Irvine, CA: University of California, School of Information and Computer Sciences.
Here is a BiBTeX citation as well:
@misc{DuBois:2008 , author = "Christopher L. DuBois", year = "2008", title = "{UCI} Network Data Repository", url = "", institution = "University of California, Irvine, School of Information and Computer Sciences" }


Right now, data sets in this repository have individual licenses requirements. We would like to move towards Open Access by having data sets that use an Open Data Commons license in the future. If you would prefer to attach other restrictions, such as an Open Commons share-alike license or a non-commercial purposes only clause, this repository can accommodate that as well.

Future Work

We would like to continue posting publicly available network data sets. This site will also soon offer standard visualizations of each data set as well as summary statistics. We plan to also have the metadata for these data sets available in RDF format so users can track which data sets and research articles and reseachers are related.

Contact Information

Have questions or other feedback? Please contact:
Christopher L DuBois
duboisc [at]